Offline Testing Engine

The Offline Testing Engine (OTE) is a software that allows students to prepare for online tests on their computers WITHOUT being continuously connected to the internet.

Who is it for?

The OTE would be useful for all test-preparation, coaching and training institutes which help students in test preparation for various computer based and online tests like those held for CFA/CFP or GMAT/CAT/XAT etc.

Click here to download and install a demo of the Testing Engine

Why is it special?

  • It is a unique combination of advantages of offline and online features.
  • Students can take tests without being connected to the internet. Therefore they do not require an always-on internet connection.
  • However, this is a solution is not limited like a CD-ROM. Students can download and import unlimited tests from your website.
  • Students can upload their performance results and compare performance with their peers.

What does it have that others do not have?

The OTE by Learning Concepts is superior to other options on the following aspects:

  1. Test Delivery & Experience
    • It lets your students take UNLIMITED tests from home.
    • It lets your students practice for their exams anytime at any place.
    • It eliminates if not reduces the travel and logistical issues of students.
    • The students also get detailed graphical reporting as well as comparative analysis which is not possible with standalone tools.
  2. Branding & Promotion
    • It creates an internal channel of communication between you and the student. You can send promotion messages to students which would be displayed in a prominent place inside the software.
    • Your brand is displayed prominently. In fact the OTE can be skinned to match your branding colors.
    • You can increase revenue possibilities by individually pricing and selling tests, while keeping the testing engine free.

All this translates to:

  • More trial
  • More enrollments/sign-ups
  • More revenue
  • Effective differentiation from competitors
  • Attractive Branding opportunities


  • Can handle unlimited tests
  • Timed and untimed tests available
  • Supports 12 different types of questions
  • Support to view explanations
  • Detailed graphical analysis and comparison with other students
  • Upload results through the software or separately
  • Prominent placement of your brand
  • Works on Windows/MacOS/Linux
  • Small size

Click here to download and install a demo of the Testing Engine