Desktop Apps

We create desktop application using the Adobe AIR platform. We create applications that run on all OSes – Windows, Linux, Mac, and even Android! These applications provide the user with the best of both worlds – online as well as offline. These applications do not require internet connectivity to function, they can function just as well offline.

However that does not mean that they are static like other desktop applications. AIR apps have the ability to synchronize and/or update themselves when net connectivity is available. Therefore these apps provide an exciting new way to engage customers with innovative, branded applications.

Some of the work we have done with Adobe AIR is shown below. Please click on each app to know more.

Offline Testing Engine

A testing engine for students preparing for online tests like GMAT, CAT etc. Students can download tests, attempt them without being online and then upload results for comparison and analysis.

Currency Converter

A simple application for converting between 10 major international currencies.