Learning Concepts (LC) is a small team of people passionate about building outstanding software. We are driven to create systems that elegantly combine simplicity and functionality. The common thread in all our projects is our innovation, enthusiasm, and committment.

LC has specialist technology skills, structured development processes and proven program management expertise required to reliably deliver solutions and products. We specialize in:

  • Intranet or Internet based applications
  • Mobile Applications

Some of our previous work includes:

  • Workflow Management Software (Intranet based)
  • Parametric Search Software (Intranet based)
  • Customization Implementation of Moodle (a Learning Management System)
  • SMS based reporting platform (Mobile messaging and Web based solution for schools)

We use the following technologies to deliver the most suitable solution for your needs:

  • PHP
  • Dot Net technologies
  • XML
  • Flash & ActionScript
  • J2ME

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